Hey all, 

Putting aside the shovels for a minute for a super quick hello from the midst of snowpocalvpse 2017.

Sorry we’ve been a little negligent updating the site. It’s felt weird & trite peddling records in the cultural milieu of the past few months. Three cheers to Bandcamp for the types of initiatives that makes doing so seem a little more relevant and ok.

…and three cheers to those of you who purchased music this past Friday. All revenue collected was forwarded to the ACLU on your behalf.

Odds & sods:

  • Tons of great reviews pouring in over the winter for the last batch of singles. Thanks all. Check out our Facebook page for links, updates etc!
  • Check out our somewhat new Instagram page for purdy pictures!
  • Check out the distro tab of the web store for a ton of new arrivals (lots and lots of European imports!)
  • Dale’s got a new monthly DJ gig at The American in Vancouver entitled “Blind Vision”. Third Saturday of every month!
  • We’re gonna hit the regional record fair circuit this spring: Comox Valley Feb 12th, Vinyl Supernova (Victoria March 18th), Neptoon Fair in Vancouver in April, looking at Nanaimo & Calgary a little further along the road. We’ll have deals on all our available catalogue in hand, tons of new imports, and tons of cheap-o used. Really looking forward to getting out and seeing people!

Lots in the works for later this year…until then, back to the woodshed.

-Ti, XO




A Midsummer’s Update!

Hey everyone,

While you’re enjoying these hot August nights (you’re welcome for THAT visual!), here’s a couple updates and a quick word from our sponsors….

First up: singles update!

SAMO sleeve proofs

Home stretch!

As we posted the other day on our new-fandangled Instagram account, we’ve turned the corner and our long awaited singles club will soon be out in the world! There’s a few final post-production pieces to take care of, and a cross-country freight delivery to account for, but looking like we’ll have our pre-orders out on/around Labour Day, with distros and shopping carts on the site soon to follow.

Thanks for the patience: this one has been a grind, but the end results will be worth the trouble.

Second up: The Ballantynes West Coast Tour!


The Ballantynes are taking their annual summer sojourn stateside, down the west coast, across to Austin and back. Tons of great happenings in-between, including recording sessions and bills with some of our favourite bands.

Keep abreast of all the details right here, and make sure to grab the new swag at the shows!


Last at bat: before signing off and getting back to the Olympic beach volleyball, a shout out to our friends over at NetBet Sports!

While you mighta been a day late to double down on Rosie MacLennan’s gold medal defence on the tralampolampoline today (go team!!), or a buck short when the Filipino Diving Team hit the springboards at last year’s Southeast Asian Games, it’s not too late to keep things interesting and throw down a few bucks on your summer game of choice.┬áCompetitive betting lines and sign up bonuses galore!

Now, if only they had NetSports in 1978…we woulda bet the farm on Joan Jett in a heartbeat!


Patsy’s Rats “Rock N’ Roll Friend” Premiere on Noisey!


Patsy’s Rats new video for “Rock N’ Roll Friend” featured over at Noisey (click the pick-up!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.40.44 AM

Pre-orders for the single available here:


We’re getting this and the other SIX (!!!!!!!) singles ready to go for the long-awaited and overdue singles club. Thanks for your patience while we roll them out: they’ll be worth the wait.