A Hyper-linked Hump Day

Lotsa tidbits.

We’ve slowly recovered from the weekend. Holy fuck, Victoria: seriously, to the ground swell of people who supported this show, thank you so much for coming out early and staying out late. We’ll have lotsa photos to share soon, but in the meantime, we’d like to share that The Ballantynes single charted #1 on the CFUV album charts this week. My proud hometown heart is swollen.

Speaking of charts, The Maxines single, so radly reviewed in Razorcake, cracked the CiTr charts this week as well! That’s not to mention that the Drugstore single is out now on K Records! The perfect segue to what this post was supposed to be about in the first place: distro! We are so proud to have the White Out! ep available from the K Records store, the perfect way to snap them both up.

We’ve always been blessed with the kindness of boutique distros, labels, and shops to peddle our singles. In fact, if you’re in Europe, watch for our latest singles to show up with old friends like the Kenrock mailing list (Sweden) and Bachelor Records (Austria). Stateside, you’ll find our latest with Underground Medicine and Deadbeat Records. As people who like to mail order, we dig that these are viable options, especially if you wanna bundle releases with other labels and save a couple bucks on shipping.

Finally on the distro tip, we are floored to announce that The Ballantynes single is available through Dusty Groove America. We’ve been huge fans of Dusty Groove, as customers and as a place of reference, pretty much since internet. The first batch sold out, but restocks are back in stock.

If you’ve been sleeping on The Ballantynes single and you care about things like first pressings, act quick btw.

Grab one at their next show, Valentine’s Day at the Biltmore.

Ok, I’m hyperlinked the fuck out. We’ll check in next week.




Victoria: This Saturday!!!

Slush, snow or shine:

Here’s the Facebook group for the event

Here’s the Facebook group for the dj set afterwards

And here’s the Facebook group for the soul allnighter that is going to keep things going until morning.

Keeping that all in mind, we’d like to do our thank you’s pre-emptively, because Sunday morning is going to be brutal.

A huge thank you to our sponsors: Ditch Records and CFUV.

And the thank you roll continues: Lyle’s Place, Talk’s Cheap, The Strathcona Hotel, Metropol, the staff at Club 9one9, Smiths Pub, Temple Late Night, The Northern Souldiers, Monday Magazine, The Times Colonist, The BC Ska Society, everyone who is playing and everyone who is attending.

See you there!

Tim & Dale

PS: Had a few questions about the single: yes, they’e going fast, but yes, we’ll have them for sale at the show…shirts and buttons, too!

PPS: Here’s a great little piece that ran in this week’s Monday Magazine, courtesy of Nick Lyons!

PPPS: Here’s an equally great profile on the west coast soul resurgence in this today’s Times Colonist, courtesy of Mike Devlin!!


Monday, January 23rd La-Ti-Da Invades Mongo Bingo at The Electric Owl!

Stoked to announce that we’re taking over the turntables at next week’s edition of Mongo Bingo. Come on down to The Electric Owl on Monday, January 23rd for a five sense assault: cheap booze to drink, bingo marker ink to sniff, selections from our respective record collections to hear, prizes galore to have and to hold…and to see? Why, your undeniable, unflappable, ever-so-charming host, Luke Meat!

La Ti Da’s entire catalogue now on Bandcamp!

Well, it took a while but its finally done. Our entire catalogue past and present is online and available for digital download via Bandcamp. These digital versions were uploaded directly from the digital masters so this is as good as it gets for sound quality. Priced right too. You can access everything from the button on the top right of our home page or directly at:


Download and enjoy!