Ballantynes West Coast Summer Tour With Sweet Pups

The Ballantynes hit the road this week for their West Coast summer tour with pals Sweet Pups from Seattle. Facebook group here.


And while we have you:

  • The Ballantynes are taking the last copies of The Message/The Railtown Abbey 7″ on tour with them; otherwise, this one is now sold out!
  • Pre-order pack UPDATE: due to a bottleneck at the pressing plant and a test pressing that needed to be redone, we’ve been put behind schedule. The regular editions of The Ballantynes Misery/Stay and the Needles//Pins 7″ are now available, but still 2-3 weeks for the other three. Rest assured, there’s no color vinyl leaking–we’ll sit on the color copies of the two and the pinpack, wait on the three to arrive, and get those out to you the second they’re ready. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding: it’ll be worth the wait!

Welcome Supreme Echo!

La-Ti-Da Records is proud to announce that it now the official Canadian distributor for Supreme Echo Records!

SE is one of the best reissue labels going. Absolute painstaking labour of love type shit put into each and every release. The problem is, they’re way too busy scouring the planet  unearthing their next reissue project (at present, in some fucked up former Soviet republic, I believe). So, they rarely have time to sell the damn things, let alone update their website.

That’s where we come in.

As of today, we’ll be selling the full catalogue on our website. It all runs through the same Paypal cart, so feel free to mix n’ match with La Ti Da releases. Check the Supreme Echo tab for releases, write-ups, and purchases.

Still getting acquainted? Here’s a great write up on the latest Supreme Echo singles courtesy of Terminal Boredom, and an excellent article on the Northern Haze reissue lp from the fine folks at Numero Group.

Knowing a few of the releases coming up, our inner west coast punk nerdom is way, way excited to be involved.

Please note: quantities on a couple of these titles–especially Northern Haze and Jerk Ward–are extremely limited! Also, please inquire about combined shipping for larger orders.


If I didn’t have puke breath, I’d kiss you.

Well, with this string of releases coming down the pike, we’ve realized that we’ve hit a minor landmark: 12 singles!

To celebrate, we got in touch with our pal Patrick at Hosehead Records for a collaboration: a limited edition cassette compilation of all twelve singles to be released at the tail-end of this summer.

You can check out Hosehead here and their Facebook page here. We’ll have this available on both of our websites and bands will have them for sale at shows.




We’re still coming out of the Sled Island fog. As Jen from The Ballantynes put it, it took six months off our lives to have six months worth of fun. So great to see old friends, make new ones, and see some incredible bands in the process. It was worth it.

Speaking of The Ballantynes, the Misery/Stay single is out now on our website. Pre-orders for the regular edition are in the post. Copies will be in all the Vancouver shops by the end of the week.

As for color pre-sale packs? End of the month. We promise. Barring catastrophe, of course.

In the meantime, there’s a ton of shows happening up and down the west coast. The Ballantynes are going on tour. So are the Maxines. So are Fist City. Lots of dates on our calendar. Here’s a couple highlights closer to home:








Victoria:                                                                                                Olympia:














Hope to see you out for some or all.

Will touch base next week with some exciting announcements…stay tuned…