The Jay Vons “Night (Was Stealing From The Sun) / Days Undone” (LTDR017)

Happy Canada Day hangover! Here comes pre-order #4!


Artwork by Rick Froberg

The Jay Vons “Night (Was Stealing From The Sun) / Days Undone” (LTDR017)

We couldn’t be prouder to announce The Jay Vons latest!

Recorded by Wayne “Johnny Cakes” Gordon at Daptone Studios with Budos Band baritone Jared Tankel guesting, The Jay Vons deliver two tracks with the stamp of quality you’ve all come to expect from those hallowed halls. You may have seen the Brookyln-based foursome backing Greg Cartwright in The Reigning Sound or seen members on the road with Daptone artists such as Lee Fields & The Expressions or Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens, but you haven’t heard them like this! Wrap it up in an absolutely skookum cover from Obits frontman Rick Froberg, and you got yourself a trip to the record store. Or Paypal cart if you’re so inclined.

For those of us on the west coast, you can look forward to a visit from The JVs this September. As announced last week, the boys will be coming out for this year’s Rifflandia festival, with a stop in Vancouver on the way.

Until then, pre-order now, or, as always, grab a singles pack and get the limited edition color vinyl. 350 reg/150 color.

US pals: Have a great fourth!