Pre-sale Profile #2: Fist City


We’re so goddamn stoked to have Fist City on board for our latest string of releases! The¬†lone non-Vancouver act for this particular wave of singles, Fist City have been blowing our minds since their debut on Deadbeat a couple years back. Straight up, one of the best live bands in Western Canada. Period. With the imminent release of their sophomore lp on Black Tent (pre-sales now available), the band somehow managed to write and record a pair of brand new tracks for us before heading out for their summer-long tour.




2. Cryptic Transmissions

Recorded by Ryan Saddler (Teledrome) in Calgary, Alberta, May 12th, 2012.

500 copies total: 350 black, 150 color.
Black pre-orders now available in the catalogue tab and sidebar. Get in touch for trade/ wholesale.
Color pre-orders only available in the six pack bundle here.

If you haven’t gotten acquainted yet, Vice ran a decent feature a few weeks ago that you can read right¬†here. And while we wait for the tracks to emerge from the cave, here’s a track off their aforementioned upcoming full length, “It’s 1983, Grow Up!”



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