Happy New Year!


We’re ringing it in with a whole lotta new releases! All titles are in stock and ready to ship!

Needles//Pins 12:34 (LTDR-LP002) 

Reissue of their debut release! If you slept on the first run on Mammoth Cave, here’s your mulligan!

We have a very limited quantity of clear vinyl copies up for grabs today. Like, less than 50. First come, first served. We’ll update this post when they are no longer available.

Speaking of colour vinyl, there are limited amounts of colour vinyl available for the three latest singles: Needles//Pins (clear, less than 50), The Wild Ones (green, less than 20), and Steve Adamyk Band (orange, less than 30). In the case of the SAB single, VERY limited amounts: proud to say this has been our strongest selling pre-order ever. Again, we will update this space when the colour copies are no longer available. Check out your purchases on the “records” or “our catalogue” tabs.

BTW: we have a shortstack of the amazing L.A. Drugz debut on Hovercraft. If you want to top up your order with a copy, they’re $10–just give us a shout and we’ll adjust your shopping cart. Also a few last copies left of the SAB single and the Ketamines single on Hosehead. Just holler.

So much great stuff to share in the coming weeks and months. Tours, new releases, shows we’re putting on, songs turning up in unlikely places–we’ll keep you posted!




Steve Adamyk Band “High Above/Hate Myself/A Promise Is A Promise” (LTDR019)…and a whole lot more

Without further ado….


Steve Adamyk Band “High Above/Hate Myself/A Promise Is A Promise” (LTDR019)

We’ve had the A-side steaming for while; now you can hear the B-side in all it’s glory! ‘Hate Myself’ is one of those SAB jams you’ve all come to know and love; with ‘A Promise Is A Promise,’ the guys grabbed Chris Page (Camp Radio, The Stand GT) and paid homage to west coast pop-punk legends, Bum! Teengenerate, eat yer heart out!

Pre-order is up as of today. This will be shipping later in the Fall. Speaking of singles, singles clubs, pre-orders and orders, Maniac is a go! Singles go out this week!


We also have another little piece we snuck out into the world this past weekend: a cassette compilation of the first 12 singles, courtesy of our friends at Hosehead Records! Limited to 100 copies in total, Hosehead is already sold out of their copies, and we’re down to less than half already. Shopping cart is up while these last.

hosehead cover

Last but certainly not least……


Get ready: line up announcement next week……

If I didn’t have puke breath, I’d kiss you.

Well, with this string of releases coming down the pike, we’ve realized that we’ve hit a minor landmark: 12 singles!

To celebrate, we got in touch with our pal Patrick at Hosehead Records for a collaboration: a limited edition cassette compilation of all twelve singles to be released at the tail-end of this summer.

You can check out Hosehead here and their Facebook page here. We’ll have this available on both of our websites and bands will have them for sale at shows.



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