Thank you!


Before we all keel over, or figure out what day it is, there is a list of serious thanks to give:

First and foremost, the most massive of credit to all the bands who came by planes, trains and automobiles to make this weekend happen. You had us in tears of joy and stitches of laughter, and luckily neither of the other kind. You constantly remind us why we’re so lucky to have such a great excuse to pull our pals together.

To our unofficial mascot and the man who provided the unofficial sound track to not one, but TWO nights of FD/GD 2013, Russell Quan, we wish you could stay forever!

Our deepest appreciation to The Biltmore Cabaret, The Astoria, Neptoon Records and The Electric Owl for being so damn hospitable, accommodating and supportive all along the way! Our party was so lucky to happen within your walls!

A giant acknowledgment to our media partners for their coverage: The Georgia Straight, Citr, Beat Route and Skinny Magazine! We can’t wait to see all the photos we saw you snapping. Thanks for telling people they should care about anything we do at all.

ALSO a thunderous cheers to our sponsor Coal Harbour Brewing Company! Quenching thirsts well into Monday morning!

All the light and love to Not Just Religious Music and King Dude for the literal lengths they went to getting from Europe to the Roky Erickson show. You’ll always be part of our LA-TI-DA Family.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who shuttled bands around, did door, and covered merch to keep things moving. We literally couldn’t have done it without you, and you did it just to be a part of it. That’s a beautiful thing, from you magnificent people.

Crowsnest crew, you know how much we love you.

Honestly, the sheer altruism, help and support that collectively pulled this off was humbling. We are so very grateful.

A couple day’s hibernation, it’s back to business. Jay Vons 45s and Ballantynes EPs on the way to your mailboxes. The last batch of releases right behind.

Don’t call it goodbye, call it until next year….

Tim, Vanessa, Corey, and Dale!

The Fall Down/Get Down 2013 Announced! Wristbands Now On Sale!


The Fall Down/Get Down Weekend Wristband

Price: $49.00 + Service Charge ($4.50)

Will call pick-up at the following dates & venues (please bring id):

Thursday @ The Biltmore 

Friday@ The Astoria

Saturday @Neptoon Noon-5:00

Saturday @ The Biltmore 8:30 PM- 10:30 PM

Saturday @ The Electric Owl

Sunday @ The Electric Owl

Pre-sale Profile #4: Tranzmitors


Way back when, La Ti Da Records had the distinguished honour of releasing one of the first three Tranzmitors singles (along with Ugly Pop and Deranged Records). These three singles not only defined the Tranzmitors as one of the most vital, energetic, and important bands in Vancouver’s recent punk history, but Some Girls/Dancing in the Front Row (now out of print, though the digital download is available here) also helped define La Ti Da as a label of more good things to come. We’re happy that one more of those good things to come is a new Tranzmitors single.

What can we say about our longtime friends that hasn’t been said already. Their sound is familiar to most of us, but was once best described to me as “crisp”. Their live shows are legendary (as those who attended the recent Mods vs. Rockers show with the Vicious Cycles will attest). Their look? Sharp. And their recordings never fail.

A-Side: Concrete Depression

B-Side: A Little Bit Closer

Recorded by Felix Fung at Little Red Studios, Vancouver BC,

500 copies total: 350 black, 150 color.
Black pre-orders now available in the catalogue tab and sidebar. Get in touch for trade/ wholesale.
Color pre-orders only available in the six pack bundle here.

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