Upcoming Events

Sat, Jul 11th: The Khatsahlano! Arts & Music Festival. Feat. The Ballantynes, Pointed Sticks and many more. Free, all day, all ages! Vancouver, BC

Sat, Jul 11th: Piss Test, Maniac, Oxidizer, Sloppy Kisses, Dealy Divided, Castoff. The Redwood Bar. Los Angeles, CA.

Sat, Jul 11th: Nic Hessler, Violent Change, New Faultlines, Talkies, Emotional, DJ Cat Whisperer. Early Show! White Horse Bar. Oakland, CA.

Thurs, Jul 16th: The Rezillos w/ First Base! Lee’s Palace. Toronto, On.

Thurs, Jul 16th: Cavity Rock Presents Terry & Louie (Exploding Hearts) w/ Dancer, Talkies, Genuine Parts. The Night Light. Oakland, CA

Fri, Jul 17th: Sh-shakes, The Prettys, Les Chaussettes, Strange Things, Dried Out. The Astoria. Vancouver, BC

Sat, Jul 18th: The Sonics w/ The Tranzmitors! Venue (Preented by blueprint live). Vancouver, BC.

Sat, Jul 18th: Dick Diver (Australia), Maniac, Dirty Ghosts. Make Out Room. San Francisco, CA

Sat, Aug 1st: Vanessa’s bday show! ¬†Clorox Girls, Nervous Talk, Fashionism, Local Douche. The Hindenburg. Vancouver, BC

Thurs, Aug 6th: Maniac, Daylight Robbery, White Murder, Horror Squad. VLHS. Pomona, CA

Thurs, Aug 20th: La-Ti-Da Records Showcase I at the Eventide Concert Series. The Ballantynes, Kandle & The Krooks, Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback, DJ Sipreano. Centennial Sqaure (free, all ages, food trucks, beer garden w/ id). After party at The Copper Owl. Victoria, BC.

Thurs, Aug 27th — Sun Aug 30th: Roachella 2015! Black Lodge & Victory Lounge, Seattle, WA.

Fri, Aug 28th: Maniac, Suspect Parts. Cassiopeia. Berlin, Germany.

Sat, Aug 29th: Get Lost Fest! Feat. Maniac, Hex Dispensers and many more! Hamburg, Germany.

Tue, Sept 1st: Maniac, Suspect Parts, Chemiefabrik. Dresden, Germany.

Wed, Sept 2nd: Maniac, Suspect Parts. Gleiss 22. Munster, Germany

Thurs, Sept 3rd: Maniac, Suspect Parts. Goldgrube. Kassel, Germany.

Thurs, Sept 3rd: La-Ti-Da Records Showcase II at the Eventide Concert Series. Bum, Shawn Mzarek Lives, RADCO, ACAB Rocky. Centennial Square (free, all ages, food trucks, beer garden w/ id). After party at The Copper Owl. Victoria, BC

Fri, Sept 4th: Maniac, Suspect Parts. The Tube. Dusseldorf, Germany.

Mon, Sept 7th: Maniac, Suspect Parts. AZ Aachen. Aachen, Germany.

Tues, Sept 8th: Maniac, Suspect Parts. Sonic Ballroom. Cologne, Germany.

Wed, Sept 9th: Maniac, Suspect Parts. Late Hackerei. Karlsruhe, Germany.

Fri, Sept 11th: Maniac, Suspect Parts. Sedel. Luzern, Switzerland.

Sat, Sept 12th: Subsonic Open Air Festival, feat. Johnny Casino (Australia), Harlan T. Bobo (Goner Recs), Maniac, Suspect Parts. Montpellier, France.

Sun, Sept 13th — Sat, Sept 19th: Maniac & Suspect Parts Spanish Tour!!!!!!!


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