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Hey all, 

Putting aside the shovels for a minute for a super quick hello from the midst of snowpocalvpse 2017.

Sorry we’ve been a little negligent updating the site. It’s felt weird & trite peddling records in the cultural milieu of the past few months. Three cheers to Bandcamp for the types of initiatives that makes doing so seem a little more relevant and ok.

…and three cheers to those of you who purchased music this past Friday. All revenue collected was forwarded to the ACLU on your behalf.

Odds & sods:

  • Tons of great reviews pouring in over the winter for the last batch of singles. Thanks all. Check out our Facebook page for links, updates etc!
  • Check out our somewhat new Instagram page for purdy pictures!
  • Check out the distro tab of the web store for a ton of new arrivals (lots and lots of European imports!)
  • Dale’s got a new monthly DJ gig at The American in Vancouver entitled “Blind Vision”. Third Saturday of every month!
  • We’re gonna hit the regional record fair circuit this spring: Comox Valley Feb 12th, Vinyl Supernova (Victoria March 18th), Neptoon Fair in Vancouver in April, looking at Nanaimo & Calgary a little further along the road. We’ll have deals on all our available catalogue in hand, tons of new imports, and tons of cheap-o used. Really looking forward to getting out and seeing people!

Lots in the works for later this year…until then, back to the woodshed.

-Ti, XO